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VASL Installation Notes  

To install VASL:

  1. Download the VASL module by clicking on the button above. Open the VASL ZIP file and save the enclosed module (.vmod) file to a known location.
  2. Download Vassal ( and install it on your machine.
  3. Start Vassal. Select the File->Open module... menu option in Vassal and navigate to and select the saved VASL module file.
  4. You'll see a dialog box showing that Vassal is tiling the VASL images. This makes the images more efficient while using VASL.

VASL 6.4.* requires Vassal 3.2.8 or later and VASL 5.9.3 only works with Vassal 3.1.20. If you save a module, game, or log in VASL 6.4.*, you will NOT be able to open it afterwards with VASL 5.9. We recommend finishing your 5.9 games with that version of VASL and starting new ones with 6.4.*.

Vassal 3.2.x and 3.1.20 can happily coexist on the same machine. Just make sure to install each version to a different location.

Vassal 3.2.11 or later requires Java Runtime Envionment (JRE) 5 or later.

VASL 6.4.4 Get the version 6 boards

Updated March 28, 2019

New in version 6.4.4:

  • Not much new, just some minor but useful fixes
  • Bug fixes:
    • Only one to report: 6.4.3 introduced a bug when cropping/flipping boards on a map that had 2 x 2 boards or more. This has been fixed.
  • Counter Fixes:
    • Counter image for German 20L(6) AA gun corrected.
    • British Challenger tank counter image corrected to add Fast Traverse and a 1 ROF.
    • Counter for Finnish T-26(C)r with BMG option added
    • Pegasus Bridge British 4-5-8 and 2-4-8 para counters added.
  • Board Fixes
    • Minor fixes to bd21 and bd45.
VASL 6.4.3

Updated Sept., 2018

New in version 6.4.3:

  • New board selection process:
    • This version of VASL introduces a new twist to the board selection process: when selecting boards for a new scenario, ALL boards will show up on the dropdown list and when selected the most recent version will be automatically download to the player’s local drive.
    • This will eliminate the need for players themselves to download boards, even new boards as they are issued. You will always have access to the latest version of any VASL-ized board.
    • Prior to this, the automatic board syncing process only worked if you already had a version of the board on your local drive.
    • The new process also works if you are joining an online game which is using a board not already on your machine or where your board version is out of date.
    • As with automatic board synching, this new process requires an internet connection. If you are playing without a connection you will have access to those boards already on your local drive.
    • For those who chose not to update to this VASL version (sadface), you will be able to get new boards AND new board versions manually from The automatic board syncing in previous versions will no longer work. Why, you ask? Good question. Because the process of making it work requires a cumbersome, error-prone, manual back-end process that we wish to eliminate so that we can spend our time making VASL better. Seriously; we need to make this change.
    • Minor detail: if you have boards on your local drive that are not in the repository, they will show up in your dropdown list.
  • LOS Enhancements and bug fixes:
    • Added LOS Checking for Light Woods
    • LOS works with multiple instances of the same board. You can now use the LOS tool on a map that uses multiple instances of the same board; those boards can be cropped and flipped and have overlays added as well.
    • Red Barricades BSO overlays work with LOS. We received a request to see if we could get Board Specific Overlays (those added by clicking on the Terrain SSR button and then selecting “bdXX special overlays” or “bdXX Terrain Transformations”), to work with the LOS Engine on the Red Barricades Map. Success! We then tried to apply a more generalized solution that would work for all los-enabled boards. Fail. So, the RB fixes are in but that’s all.
    • Resolved LOS problem with slopes
    • Resolved LOS Hindrance bug with Wreck Blazes
  • New overlay:
    • A re-sizeable blank hex grid overlay has been added to aid in offboard entry placement. But it up against the map edge and place entering units on it. Right-click the overlay to see full range of adjustment. Found in the Draggable Overlay window (not the Overlays extension) under the Hex Grid tab. Same for Deluxe version. Shout out to Al Cannamore for his work on this.
  • Counter fixes:
    • Remove SdKfz 10/4 & 10/5 under Veh/ht menu. Correct counters are under SPA.
    • Remove turret from GAZ-4M-AA.
    • Wolverine s# fix.
    • Relocate Steeple Counter to Info>Locate.
VASL 6.4.2

Updated Mar. 13, 2018

New in version 6.4.2:

  • Counter Fixes:
    • US M5 76L AT Gun smoke
    • LVT4 shows 0 armor
    • Chinese FT should have X9
    • Remove turret from GAS-4M-AA correction
    • German 548/238 AE error
    • The "Label - No Background" counters have a white hex center dot in them
    • Chinese Type 22 AC error
    • Add steeple counter from Yanks! V2
  • Code Enhancements:
    • Improvements to LOS Thread information label placement so that thread is never obscured
    • Help text files updated
    • Added Chatter text for Sniper Activation dr when using SA button
    • Added Chatter text for Booby Traps when using TC button (players must add booby trap information to Scenario Information (INFO button))
  • Code Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved LOS problem and overlay problem with BFP DW boards
    • LOS checking to and from hex vertices and other bugs
  • Board updates/changes are not part of the VASL module itself but are worth noting. These will take effect when new board versions are downloaded:
    • bd51 steeple on H2 added
    • Added bd78, with LOS data
    • Added LOS data to bd79 and BFP PiF and ITR2 boards
    • bdv PTO transformation bug fixed
    • bd62 missing Light Woods transformation fixed
    • HS17 Water Foul overlay added to Riley’s Road board
    • Added bdDSL (LCP Drive for Saint Lo)
VASL 6.4.1

Updated Sept. 1, 2017

New in version 6.4.1:

  • Counter Fixes:
    • Remove extra traits from Japanese Crews
    • Pull extra HOB, CX and Pin traits from jaLDR1 prototype
    • Counter background for Ahkio
    • Remove turret from GAS-4M-AA
    • Wreck MG note
    • 2 missing ATR notes
    • Black TH typo
    • Red crew survival changes
    • Italian vehicle fixes
    • Assorted Romanian Gun info fixes
  • Preference for colored or white stack counters:
    • 6.4.1 contains a preference that allows players to choose whether counters underneath a stack show as white or as colored. To set the preference:
      • Click on the File menu.
      • Click on Preferences.
      • Select the General tab.
      • Select/Unselect the "Disable full color stacks" option.
    • Note that you must restart VASL for your choice to take effect.
  • Code changes:
    • Minor bug fixes. Nothing worth talking about.
  • Board Changes:
    • As we keep trying to wrestle LOS problems to the ground, we sometimes have to update the board files. A bunch of boards will update automatically if you have automatic board synchronization (requires VASL 6.3.0 and above). If you are using a version below this then don’t worry the board changes won’t affect anything anyway. But the new versions are on the website.
  • Kudos and Credits:
    • The only thank you this time around goes to Zoltan Grose who did all the work.
VASL 6.4.0

Updated May 12, 2017

New in version 6.4.0:

  • Enhancements:
    • Improved sniper finder; now functions like broken piece finder (highlights snipers on map).
    • Draggable overlays; when setting up a game, rather than having to enter the overlay name and hexes in a dialogue box, you can drag them onto the map. Previous method still supported. To use this feature you must install a VASL extension. Download the extension from For installation instructions for extensions, see the User Guide at Instructions for using the draggable overlays during game play are included in the extension and can be accessed via the Help menu in VASL.
    • Counter linking. You can link two counters together and display a line showing the link. Great for Guns and acquisition counters or firer-target pairs. To link: select any two counters, CTRL-ALT-L. Linkline will show. Click elsewhere and Linkline will disappear. Reclick one of the counters and Linkline will reappear. To end link, select both counters, CTRL-ALT-U.
    • LOS Checking for HASL maps; starting with the Red Barricades map, LOS checking is being extended to HASL maps.
    • LOS Checking for rooftops, cellars added; LOS can now be traced from rooftops and cellars for all multihex buildings on boards 1-75, including 1a-9b.
    • LOS Checking stays enabled regardless of cropping and/or flipping configurations.
    • Counters under a “?” now show as white (reversion to previous style due to popular demand).
  • Fixes:
    • Improvements to LOS checking, especially with respect to depressions and cliff hexsides. Using UpArrow/DownArrow keys and CTRL-UpArrow/DownArrow to change level of target/firer in LOS check results now displays on opponent’s device as well. Plus, same keys can be used to switch LOS check from base hex to entrenchment if one is present in the hex. Entrenchment is “below” the base hex.
    • Versioning problems with Desert boards have been fixed. An extensive cleanup of board files has been done, which should improve speed and performance.
    • A problem with counters disappearing from extension windows has been resolved.
    • Several bugs causing VASL or VASSAL to crash were eliminated.
  • Known Issues:
    • The stream terrain under the elevated road bridges on Board 13 will show as one level higher than it should be, plus LOS that passes through these bridge hexes may show incorrect hindrances.
  • Compatability Issues:
    • A number of these changes (ie., counter linking and LOS improvements) require both players to be using 6.4.0 when playing online; otherwise the game will run but the enhancements will not function. Updated board versions are also required for many of the LOS improvements (and should automatically update when starting a game; if not, they can be downloaded from the boards page at
  • Kudos and Credits:
    • Doug Rimmer for pushing 6.4.0 out the door.
    • David Sullivan for helping us find those Sniper Counters buried under stacks of stacks, for counter linking and for most of the bug fixes, with additional work by Zoltan Grose.
    • Allan Cannamore for conceiving of and implementing draggable overlays.
    • Carl Nogueira and Terry Gray for initial testing of LOS Checking in Stalingrad. Chris Doary for tireless rules explanations that helped us understand what the LOS code needed to do.
VASL 6.3.3

Updated March 24, 2016

New in version 6.3.3:

  • Code Enhancements:
    • More reminders for special die rolls
    • Mark Unmoved button should be on the left
  • Counter fixes:
    • Foot/Ponton typo
    • Missing HP counters
    • Final 6.3 HP counter fixes
    • Counter error on It Lancia 1ZM
    • British Acquisition marker and HIP
    • Remove HIP from HtH CC and Phase Wheels
    • CC/Melee counters lost the Hand-to-Hand option
    • Russian Guns/AFV counters get a ½" concealment counter
  • Code fixes:
    • LOS off on cropped board
    • Sniper icons no longer report on DR images
    • Dragging a counter off a QC menu throws NPE
    • Board version not being reported in chatter when the board is opened.
VASL 6.3.0

Updated November 16, 2015

New in version 6.3.0:

  • Hakkaa Päälle Counters!
    • You've waited long enough, but now it's time to slap on some virtual skis and tackle that electronic Motti. Enjoy!
  • Automatic board synchronization!
    • Have an out of date copy of a board? No worries - VASL now grabs the latest board from the repository when you create or open a game. Missing a board altogether? Not a problem - the missing board will be copied to your board directory and you're off and running.
  • Other enhancements:
    • More reminders for special die rolls were added to the QC dice buttons. Unlikely hits, Multiple hits, turret vs. hull... stuff like that.
    • Partial support for LOS checking when using overlays was added. LOS checking is only disabled if it touches the overlay outline.
    • Mark Unmoved button was moved to the left so it won't "disappear" on smaller screens.
    • Free*French support weapons were copied to the British counter mix.
    • Moving HIP units no longer reports "? -> ?" to the chatter.
    • Scenario*specific overlays were added to boards 3 and 19 for scenarios J44 and OB3.
    • Gutted factories, ground snow, and a non-rubbled Chemist shop were added to the RBv2 board. In addition some missing sewers were found and returned to their rightful location.
    • HIP option was added to all counters. You never know...
    • The code that handles the SSR terrain changes was completely gutted "under the covers." Keep your eyes open for any problems when applying terrain changes, cropping, etc.
  • Bug fixes:
    • The "disappearing" counters and stacks bug should finally (!) be fixed.
    • Snap points were missing on deluxe boards.
    • LOS checks no longer lose the chatter focus when stepping through a log file.
    • Hungarian Vehicle Crews had the wrong morale.
    • "Crags to palm trees" SSR transformation was not working on some boards.
    • "Woods-Roads - Fill in with woods" SSR transformation was not working on some boards.
    • Bocage incorrectly blocked LOS to some higher elevations.
    • Japanese crews and SMCs were missing Prep Fire and First Fire options.
    • Smoke exponents on Chinese Type 89 MTR were wrong.
    • The labels on the CA counters were in the wrong position.
    • Bad hex sizes on BFP boards bug were fixed.
    • Blank boards (all white boards with a hex grid) are available. They're great for setups and when you need a little elbow room on the board.
VASL 6.2.2

Updated March 3, 2015

New in version 6.2.2:

  • Fixes a bug where counters did not stack properly when opponents where using different versions of the same board.
VASL 6.2.1

Updated February 11, 2015

New in version 6.2.1:

  • Added a menu option to convert pre-6.2 saved games to 6.2+ format.
VASL 6.2

Updated January 14, 2015

New in version 6.2:


  • LOS improvements:
    • LOS support has been added for the following boards and
      • a-h
      • 1a/1b-9a/9b
      • BFP boards

      Get all of the updated boards, and unzip the file into your boards folder.

      PTO terrain transformations have also been added to the LOS engine.

    • Fixed a bug where LOS checks did not show on your opponent's board.
  • Board Cropper, Overlay, and Terrain Transformation dialogs now have a a pulldown that includes only selected boards.
  • The new American 2-6 LMG from Rising Sun was added.
  • The Quick Counter extension has been integrated into VASL. You no longer need to download and install the extension.

    The Quick Counter toolbar can be customized, additional instances can be created and enabled.

  • The map border has been extended from 200 pixels to 400 pixels.

    Important Note:Both players must use Version 6.2 for the extended border to function. Extending the border causes all pieces in existing games to be offset by 200 pixels. You can fix this problem by selecting all counters (drag the mouse across the entire map), and then dragging one counter back into place. This correction does not work for draggable overlays and entrenchment counters. You must move these overlays and counters manually.

  • The Show Map button now has three states: Show All, Hide Pieces (only), Hide all (pieces and draggable overlays).
  • The stack expander now shows the terrain under the stack.
  • Installation documentation has been revised and enhanced.
  • Documentation for LOS checking has been added.

Bug fixes

VASL 6.1.1

Updated January 6, 2015

New in version 6.1.1:

  • Fixed a bug where 6.1 could not open some of the newer v6 boards.
VASL 6.1

Updated April 26, 2014

New in version 6.1:

(use 6.1.1 if you are using the latest v6 boards)
  • LOS support has been added for v6 boards. Boards 1-67 [EXC: 25] now contain LOS data with other boards soon to follow. Get all of the updated boards, and unzip the file into your boards folder.
  • The hindrance trait has been added to FFE counters so they will appear on the map during LOS checks.
  • The new American 2-6 LMG from Rising Sun was added.
  • The red-on-white berserk counters are now HIP-able.
  • A bug where you could not move multiple fortification counters was fixed.
  • A bug where notes were not appearing in the notes window was fixed.
  • An issue where "missing 'al' type images" displayed an error message on the console has been resolved.
  • Pin counters are now place on the selected unit, not the top of the stack.
VASL 6.0.3

Released February 2, 2014

New in version 6.0.3:

(still available until 6.1 has been released for a while)
  • Fixed a problem with reversed boards
  • Boards no longer tile when you open VASL but when you use the board
  • Added HOB to Allied squads, which was missing
  • Fixed a problem with the board picker where selecting multiple transformations did not work
  • Morris CS9 AAMG value corrected
  • Axis Minor and Hungarian L3/35 side armor now has the white circle
  • Counters on board-edge half hexes no longer disappear
  • Ctrl+R now changes the rank of SMC POW counter
  • Wound shortcut key was missing from some SMC

Released November 21, 2013

New in version 6.0.1:

(get full details here)
  • Code! Code! Code!
  • Counter! Counters! Counters!
  • Draggable Overlays
  • Charts!
VASL 5.9.3

Released February 13, 2013

New in version 5.9.3:

(get full details here)
  • The Infamous Marsh Fix
  • Sunken/Elevated Roads
  • Other Terrain Transformation Goodness
  • Counter! Counters! Counters!
  • Code! Code! Code!
  • Draggable Overlay Mania
VASL 5.9.2

Released July 14, 2010

VASSAL 3.1.20 required

Useful if necessary to get a good working copy of 5.9.2 when/if playing a scenario like Bloody Red Beach.

New in version 5.9.2:

  • Restored turret-marker offsets
  • Fixed map prob (non-reporting of bypass locations) in HASL maps that use a 'data' file to adjust the grid origin
  • Added Label-able Blank markers in a new Unit > Blank tray
  • Added Label-ability to the Trailbreak marker
  • Added RMG malf/disabled marker to the Unit > Fire > Malfunction tray
  • Fixed MG FP for the Axis Minor PzIB
  • Revised the 'Starshell Attempt' markers to give them PFPh & DFPh names & added them to the Remover thing, they'll Remove on the Remove All > Prep Fire / Def Fire command as appropriate.
  • Added the 'new' 3.2-inch/81mm mortars per Journal 7 p. 36 (Chinese 81* MTR, pre & post S42 British 81* MTRs, Carrier 3.2", & IP Carrier 3.2" w/ & w/o the BMG), the 'old' 76* MTRs/Vehicles were *not* deleted from the trays.

Released November 26th, 2007

New in version 5.7:

  • Broken unit inventory window for easy RPh resolution. (See "Malf/Broken Units" in the Help menu)
  • New counters to support MMP-published campaign games
  • New CG permieter markers
  • Counter fixes: Russian tanks, US 7-4-7 and 1-2-7, German trucks

Released June, 2007

New in version 5.6:

  • Broken unit inventory window for easy RPh resolution. (See "Malf/Broken Units" in the Help menu)
  • New counters to support MMP-published campaign games
  • New CG permieter markers
  • Counter fixes: Russian tanks, US 7-4-7 and 1-2-7, German trucks

Boards and Overlays

If you don't have them already, you will also need the boards and overlays.


The Scenario Setup Archive is a collection of setup files containing the board configuration and initial forces of published scenarios. Note that information about Victory Conditions, SSR, etc., have been left out, so you still need the printed scenario card to play.


A wide variety of optional extensions have been created by enterprising users to enhance VASL in one way or another. To install, simply place the extension files (unzip first if necessary) into the Extensions folder specified in the VASL preferences.

System Requirements

VASL runs on platforms that support version 1.4+ of the JRE: Windows 98+, MacOS 10.3+, and various Linux