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README for bdNUL and bdNULV  

Board NULV is similar to bdNUL - it's a 1-pixel-wide "board" that can be used as a placeholder to make VASL accept a particular board configuration.

Recall that VASL only understands boards placed in rows and columns. In order to get VASL to understand the following board configuration:

We use bdNUL (a 901-pixel-wide by 1-pixel-tall "board") to fit "under" bd 2a in VASL's Map Creation dialog:


Similar to this situation, bdNULV (a 1-pixel-wide by 645-pixel-tall "board") is useful for creating the following map:

To do this, place and crop the boards as such:

46 (A-Q)
37 (A-Q)

Sure, it's possible to do this without needing bdNULV if you simply rotate the entire map 180 degrees:

37 (flipped, A-Q)
46 (flipped, A-Q)
14 (flipped)
(leave blank)

...but goshdarnit, sometimes you want the right board on top :-)

A note on managing VASL board versions, from David Sullivan

With the reintroduction of automated LOS in VASL 6.1, we are entering a season where managing your boards folder is going to need some attention. You're probably aware that VASL checks board versions when you use the boards and lets you know when your boards are out of date. To minimize the hassle, I've tweaked this code so you won't see too many of those nagging messages if you follow these simple recommendations.

Note that all boards that contain LOS data will be v6; v5 boards (and earlier) will not support LOS.

1) If you choose to continue using 6.0.3 or a previous version of VASL you should not download the v6 boards. Nothing will change for you.

2) If you upgrade to 6.1 you should grab the v6 boards and continue to do so as they are released. If new boards are released and you haven't downloaded them you will see the version message, which is good.

3) If you run 6.1 and another version of VASL I highly recommend using a second boards folder, say boardsV6, that contains the v6 boards and all your other boards. Leave your current boards folder as-is. When you start VASL you'll just have to remember to pick the appropriate boards folder in your preference or in the board picker. Note that preferences are universal and not specific to the VASL version.