VASL Overlays


Download these and unzip them into your boards/overlays folder.

Standard overlays: Overlays 1-7, Brush (B), Backblast (BB), Beach (BE), Bridge (BR), Deir (D), Dense Jungle (DJ), Deluxe (DX), Escarpment (E), Elevated RR (ELRR), Grain (G), Hillock (H), Hedge (HD), Hill (HI), Marsh (M), Orchard (O), Ocean Beach (OB), Ocean (OC), Open Ground (OG), Orchard-Woods (OW), Pond (P), Rice Paddy (RP), Railroad (RR), River (RV), Sand (S), Sand Dune (SD), Shellhole (SH), Stone Rubble (SR), Stream (ST), Sunken Railroad (SURR), Swamp (SW), Vineyard (V), Wadi (W), Woods (WD), Wooden Rubble (WR), Water (WT), Building (X)

For Overlay 7, use board=66, hex1=M1, hex2=[empty].

Bounding Fire overlays: Ruined City (RC), Factory (F), Debris (D), H-1 Hill (HI), H-2 Hill (HII), Orchard Village (O), V-1 Bocage Village (VI), V-3 Bocage Village (VII), V-3 Bocage Village (VIII), C-1 Castle (CI)

Le Franc Tireur overlays: ft1,ft2,ft3,ft7All v3.0

Rivers To The Reich overlays: RTTRA-RTTROAll v1.0

2009 March Madness overlay: MM03All v1.0 Overlay is officially named MM03 but renamed MM3 for VASL use. To place overlay MM3: Select bd16, flip bd16, and add Overlay MM3 with H9 and H8 as the hex coordinates.

Nor'easter XX Anniversary Scenario Pack overlays: YASL 01 and YASL 10All v1.0

Transparent-background overlays: Same as the standard overlays, but with Level 0 Open Ground turned transparent. See here for discussion. Brush (XP_B), Grain (XP_G), Hedge (XP_HD), Marsh (XP_M), Orchard (XP_O), Pond (XP_P), Rice Paddy (XP_RP), Railroad (XP_RR), Shellhole (XP_SH), Stone Rubble (XP_ST), Swamp (XP_SW), Vineyard (XP_V), Woods (XP_WD), Wooden Rubble (XP_WR), Building (XP_X)

Critical Hit Overlays

Board 40 overlay: This is a hand-drawn version of Critical Hit's Overlay V40.

Cemetery Hill overlays These are hand-drawn versions of Critical Hit's Cemetery Hill overlays: cem1 = Cemetery, cem2 = Village, cem3 = Gully, cem4 = Hill, cem5 = Open Ground, cem6 = Cemetery version 2, cem7 = Village version 2.

Total Eastern Front overlays These are hand-drawn versions of Critical Hit's Total Eastern Front Pack overlays: tef1, tef2, tef3